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What is STOP-NIC ?

When you try to quit smoking, you face severe withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Intense craving for Cigarettes/Tobacco
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Concentration loss
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability.. and
  • Depression

STOP-NIC is a NRT Gum (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) that supports you in quitting smoking by reducing these severe withdrawal symptoms you experience.

STOP-NIC is a world-class NRT product, developed and manufactured by Fertin – a global leader in medicated gum for many decades.

The STOP-NIC Program

STOP-NIC is a sugar-free Nicotine Gum that helps provides relief from the severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms you face when you try to quit.

STOP-NIC works by delivering Therapeutic, Pharmaceutical grade Nicotine in very small dosages to reduce and soothe the withdrawal symptoms and provide you the strong support to fully gain freedom from smoking and tobacco products.

STOP-NIC supports you by:

  1. Releasing a lower, slowly absorbed dosage of Nicotine.
  2. Minimizing your withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Reducing craving intensity and frequency.

How to chew STOP-NIC

Chewing STOP-NIC is different from other non-pharmaceutical chewing gums. Use the following Chew & Park method to ensure maximum benefit from STOP-NIC.

Steps to chew STOP-NIC

Step 1

Chew STOP-NIC slowly until there is a nicotine taste.

Step 2

After you feel the nicotine taste, keep STOP-NIC in between your cheek and  teeth – Chew  & Park. Nicotine is released from STOP-NIC and absorbed through the cheeks.

Step 3

Chew STOP-NIC again when the taste fades and repeat.

Dosage and Administration


8-12 pieces a day. Not more than 24 pieces of gums a day. For recommended dosage refer to the sample dosage schedule.


Do not eat or drink or use removable dentures while chewing STOP-NIC. Avoid eating or drinking 15 minutes before STOP-NIC is used.