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What is STOP-NIC ?

When you try to quit smoking, you face severe withdrawal symptoms like :  intense craving for nicotine / headache / insomnia / concentration loss / anxiety / irritability and depression.

STOP-NIC is a NRT Gum (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) that supports you in quitting smoking by reducing the severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings you experience.

STOP-NIC is a world-class NRT product, developed and manufactured by Fertin – a global leader in medicated gum for many decades.

About Fertin Pharma A/S

Fertin Pharma A/S is a 103 year old company headquartered at Vejle, Denmark and a world leader in the development and manufacturing of Innovative, high-quality Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical chewing gum products.

Fertin India Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fertin Pharma A/S with World-Class R&D and Manufacturing Facilities in India.

Since 1996 Fertin has supported millions of smokers around the world in their effort to quit smoking.